Assisted Living Consumer Alliance (ALCA)

The Assisted Living Consumer Alliance (ALCA) is a national collaboration of groups and individuals working together to promote consumer safety, choice, and rights in assisted living.

Consumer protections are essential. Approximately one million Americans live in assisted living, generally because they no longer can live safely at home.

ALCA provides information for both consumers and advocates, and works collaboratively with government officials and health care professionals to improve assisted living.

ALCA supports an improved quality of care, along with greater focus on consumers’ needs and preferences. Standards must be strengthened and enforced.


ALCA’s major areas of focus include:

  • Developing a definition of “assisted living” that adequately informs consumers and others as to the type of care that can be provided, while allowing for appropriate variations from one assisted living facility to another;
  • Advocating for laws, regulations and practices that advance both resident choice and strong consumer protections;
  • Developing high, universal standards relating to services, staffing, residents’ rights, and other important aspects of assisted living care;
  • Ensuring strong enforcement and oversight systems on federal and state levels to protect consumers and assure quality;
  • Promoting affordable and accessible assisted living, including equal treatment of those consumers receiving financial assistance from Medicaid or other public programs; and
  • Protecting consumers’ civil liberties, including freedom from discrimination based on real or perceived disability, race or sexual orientation.