• WEBINAR: Pluses and Minuses of Assisted Living, for Policymakers and Consumers October 8, 2013 Free Webinar – Oct. 15, 2013 Is assisted living a good choice for someone in need of long-term services and supports? This webinar will provide an answer, providing consumer advice and public policy recommendations. The presentation will also include discussion on the following: The growing impact of Medicaid managed care programs Federal Medicaid rules State assisted living law WHEN: Tuesday, October 15, ...
  • Webinar: Successful Advocacy – Crafting and Delivering Your Message May 28, 2013 June 4, 2013 Webinar Join ALCA and the Consumer Voice for an informative and engaging webinar on successful advocacy. Discussion will include providing tips on developing your advocacy message in such a way that succinctly frames your issue and gets people’s attention.  Additionally, the presenters will share information for delivering your message in a variety of forums, ...
  • Comfort as the New Medicine – Improving Dementia Care and Ending the Misuse of Psychotropic Drugs on People with Dementia May 15, 2013 Tony Chicotel, Staff Attorney for California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform, and Tena Alonzo, Director of Research and Dementia Programs at the Beatitudes Campus in Phoenix, Arizona, discuss the recent news and research on dementia care and the misuse of psychotropic drugs as chemical restraints. Tony will discuss the misuse of psychotropic drugs on people ...
  • Webinar: Integrating Medicare and Medicaid October 30, 2012 Twenty-six states have applied to the federal government to combine Medicaid and Medicare.  Under these applications, up to two million dual-eligibles (persons eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare) would be transferred into an integrated Medicaid/Medicare health care system.  In most cases, they would receive care through a managed care organization. The changes will be dramatic.  The ...
  • Webinar: What could that FREE lunch cost you? June 27, 2012 Opening your doors to financial predators may create civil and criminal liability for Assisted Living Facilities. Seniors fear outliving their assets and are constantly drawn to individuals whom they believe can help them. Often times these individuals are scam artists peddling worthless services or unsuitable financial products. Assisted living facilities who allow these individuals to make ...
  • Webinar: National Survey of Residential Care Facilities: Recent Findings and Plans for the Future March 9, 2012 This webinar discusses the first national survey of assisted living residents and facilities, “National Survey of Residential Care Facilities: Recent Findings and Plans for the Future.” This webinar focuses on two topics: the federal government’s groundbreaking study of assisted living/residential care and plans to reconfigure ongoing surveys of long term care providers. The speakers presented ...
  • What’s So Special About Special Care? – Dealing with units that specialize in Dementia Care November 8, 2011 This session addresses the required disclosure statements and the areas that were determined to be necessary to ensure quality care. We discussed these different areas and how they impact residents who live in Special Care Units. We looked at what aspects set one SCU apart from others and how they impact the residents. Learn ways ...
  • LGBT Older Adults in Assisted Living – Issues & Advocacy July 28, 2011 Until now, there has been little information available about the opinions and experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender older adults in long-term care settings. While most LGBT elders would prefer to receive long-term services and supports at home, traditional support systems may be limited or unavailable and alternatives such as assisted living or nursing ...
  • Community Based Characteristics and State Updates April 26, 2011 Does Assisted Living fall under the category of an institutional setting or of a community-based setting? Why is this important? Join in a discussion with the Assisted Living Consumer Alliance about this issue. The discussion will include an overview of a document developed by ALCA outlining characteristics of a community-based setting. ALCA Webinar PowerPoint, April 26, ...
  • Over-Medication of Dementia Residents December 2, 2010 A panel of medical and legal experts focus on the over-medication of dementia residents in assisted living and strategies to change this disturbing pattern of care. Learn about approach vs. medication interventions and advocacy models using informed consent. Recent publications outline the efforts to stop the misuse of psychoactive drugs to chemically restrain resident and ...

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